Would you like to take part in the CPRE Star Count 2020?

What’s it all about?

Star-filled skies are one of the most magical sights our countryside has to offer. The CPRE want to reconnect people across the country with the wonder of a truly dark sky. Their research shows that light pollution is leaving fewer stars than ever visible to the naked eye, and the CPRE need your help to track how light levels are changing. Become a ‘citizen scientist’ and take part in the CPRE Star Count, a cosmic census to map light pollution.

The CPRE will be asking you to choose a clear night between 21-28 February 2020 and look to the skies to see how many stars you can spot within Orion.

And don’t worry, they’ll give lots of guidance so you know where to look! It’s a great, easy piece of stargazing – no telescopes required – for kids and adults.

Last year the CPRE did not have many people taking part in Wiltshire, so it was not very well mapped, so it would be great if you or maybe your children or grandchildren could get involved this year.

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