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Swindon New Eastern Villages (NEV)

New Eastern Villages (NEV) Island Bridge Vision Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and the New Eastern Villages (NEV) Green Infrastructure (GI) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)


Dear Sir or Madam,

The Borough Council have formally adopted the above documents at Planning Committee. The NEV Island Bridge Vision SPD was adopted on 13th June 2017 and the NEV Green Infrastructure SPD was adopted on 11th July 2017. 


NEV Island Bridge Vision SPD

The SPD sets out the vision for a cohesive network between the development islands at the New Eastern Villages, where not already provided by developers. It has been produced to inform pre-application discussions and assist with the formulation of masterplans. The document also sets out the principles of design for the bridge structures as well as Environment Agency (EA) minimum technical requirements.



NEV Green Infrastructure SPD

The SPD seeks to provide a framework to ensure the delivery of an integrated and connected green infrastructure network and green spaces at the New Eastern Villages to support an environment where safe, healthy communities can be created. The document sets out the strengths and opportunities for a range of green infrastructure typologies that should be secured throughout the New Eastern Villages. The SPD also provides guidance on the delivery of strategic green infrastructure for each village to assist with formulation of masterplans for developers.


In an effort to reduce the amount of paper that we produce we are not printing many hard copies of the document.  The SPD is available for public inspection at:


  • Swindon Borough Council, One Stop Shop Reception, Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon, SN1 2JG (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm);
  • All libraries within Swindon Borough, during normal opening hours of those libraries;
  • All Parish / Town Councils within the Borough; and is available on the Council’s website


If you would like to purchase a hard copy or require further information, please


Yours faithfully,

Angela Clack (

NEV Infrastructure Co-ordinator

Strategic Allocations and New Eastern Villages Team
Swindon Borough Council