Dear resident

We just wanted to let you know that we are still working on a solution for the flooding that occurred at Merton Fields Park last winter and that this is one of our very highest priorities.

We are still gathering data and seeking guidance from various authorities and local bodies and will be able to present to you everything that we have learnt in July. We will ensure you all have the opportunity to see this information.

We will be asking you for your thoughts on the future of this area but we feel it is important that you have the opportunity to understand all of the facts before we seek your views.

Our aim is to ensure the floods within the park are not repeated again but we are also mindful of the fact that the drainage basin and soil bund behind it appears to have prevented worse flooding to certain properties than would have otherwise been experienced so we are keen to find a solution that is best for everybody.

We will be back in touch with you very soon when we feel we have gathered all of the data needed to make an informed decision on the future of the area.

Tracy Predeth, CEO/Clerk to the Council

(Image courtesy of Swindon Advertiser)