Vacancies at Stratton St Margaret Parish Council, Swindon

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council Precept 2017/18

At its meeting of the Council, held on Tuesday 17 January 2017, Stratton St Margaret Parish Council agreed its budget and Precept for the financial year 2017/18.
The Precept is set at £1,165,809 based on the tax base of 6,934.8 Band D households.  The charge of £168.11 per annum represents an increase of 27% which is an additional £35.74 per annum or £2.98 per month, £0.10 daily increase per household.
This necessary rise is to ensure that the Council has a balanced budget and is able to deliver the additional services that have been devolved down from Swindon Borough Council.
From 1 April 2017 the Council will be responsible for the following services across the whole of the Parish:
•    Litter picking
•    Street cleaning, washing road signs and bollards, fly tipping / fly postering removal
•    Graffiti removal
•    Emptying of dog bins and litter bins
•    Inspection, cleaning and repairs to play areas
•    Maintenance of public right of way, bridle ways and footpath network
•    Gang mowing
•    Maintenance of sports pitches
•    Amenity grass cutting
•    Shrub maintenance
•    Formal parks which get a higher standard of horticultural maintenance
•    Floral bedding in parks, open spaces and roundabouts
•    Allotments maintenance, repairs and revenue contribution
•    Hedge cutting
•    Tree gang – inspections and tree work programme for open space trees where parish own the land
•    Side-arm hedge cutting                     

The Council is currently one of the largest in the Borough and provides a wide range of services for its community. These include Grange Leisure Centre which specialises in health and well being activities and is a community hub for activities such as the popular luncheon club, an artist forum and exhibition space, wedding and party venue and the community Grange Bar. The Council also manages Meadowcroft Community Centre, sports pavilions, play parks, allotments, burial grounds, football Pitches, and hosts a number of events throughout the year which bring the community together.
Chairman of the Council, Cllr J Tray states: “The Council regrets the need to increase the Precept; however the Parish Council is continually striving to reduce unnecessary costs by streamlining its staffing and reducing some of its activities that were not economic. Over the course of this year we will continue to look for additional savings”.