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Stratton St Margaret Parish Council commits to keeping the precept as low as possible

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council agreed its Precept demand on Swindon Borough Council at its meeting held on Tuesday 23 January 2018.

The precept is set at £1,330,062 based on the tax base of 7,001.8 Band D households. The charge of £189.96 per annum represents an increase of 13% which is an additional £21.85 per annum or £1.82 per month – £0.06 daily increase per household.

The increase is necessary as the Parish Council will receive less government funding and it has taken on services from Swindon Borough Council which include the day-to-day running of Beechcroft Library and Streetsmart services such as litter picking, grass cutting, flower beds and hedge maintenance.

The Chairman of the Council said: “The Parish Council is working hard to reduce its costs and has made a commitment to significantly save over £100,000 to keep the precept as low as it possibly can. Residents should not see a difference in our levels of service as we have just streamlined everything a little bit and some of the plans and non-essential maintenance work have been put on the backburner for now.”

The Parish Council continues to serve the community through high levels of maintenance on all of the parks and open spaces in the Parish of Stratton St Margaret including its 11 Play Parks, two Allotment sites, sports pitches and Burial Grounds. It also organises the hugely popular annual Stratton Festival and Stratton Stroll, Christmas Extravaganza and Community Carol Service – making a commitment to find grants and other funding sources to help pay towards the running of these events.

The Parish Council also owns and manages Grange Leisure, a thriving community leisure centre in Stratton St Margaret. This community hub on Grange Drive welcomes residents from across the parish and the wider community inviting visitors with its modern facilities. The centre boasts well maintained 3G Artificial Grass Pitches, a 40-station gym, fitness suites and multi purpose sports rooms which offer venue hire for weddings, parties and conferences. The centre regularly brings the community together at senior lunches, art clubs, meat draws, tribute band nights and more all held in the Coffee Shop, Grange Bar and Community Library. The Parish Council also owns the Meadowcroft Community Centre in Upper Stratton which is currently managed by Swindon Youth for Christ.