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Stratton Councillor to champion crowdfunding for local historic chapel

A Stratton St Margaret Parish Councillor is inviting local residents, charities, groups and businesses to help to raise £2,000 and restore the former Green Road Chapel in Stratton St Margaret, and turn it into a community asset.

The chapel is in the heart of the historic centre of Stratton St Margaret; it was built in 1869 by non-conformists and is now under the care of Stratton Saint Margaret Parish Council. This charming example of gothic revival is in need of restoration and a new purpose, and the Parish Council want to ensure it can become an asset for the community.

Work has already started with the removal all the weeds and overgrowth and the roof is now secure and watertight. The next aim is to restore the floor and do what is necessary to the brickwork.

Councillor Matthew Davis who is leading the restoration project has said: “We’d love to give the chapel a new lease of life, maybe as a space to get married, to use as a place of remembrance for those coming to the cemetery to pay their respects to loved ones, or as an exhibition space for our thriving local arts group (the list goes on)”.

To find out more about the project follow the Friends of Green Road Chapel on Facebook: