~ Stratton St Margaret Parish Council ~

At what is a difficult time we are here to help.


Stratton St Margaret Parish Council have  2 cemetery sites, Green Road, Upper Stratton and Lower Stratton Cemetery at St Margaret’s Church.  Burial plots can be purchased by residents of Stratton Parish only, and this is restricted to 1 per household. We offer a pre-purchase scheme where you can pay for your burial or cremated remains plot in advance.  Cremated remains plots are available at both of our sites, Full Burial plots are only available at Lower Stratton Cemetery.

All interments are carried out by our dedicated team along with the upkeep of the areas surrounding the grave plots to the highest standards.

Please see prices below, but if you have any questions do get in touch: / (01793) 823761

Internment Fees from 1st September 2018

Stratton Internment Fees 2018 2019

*Includes costs of paving stone placed on site after internment and used as a base for the memorial.


Administration Fees

Monuments at Cemeteries within the Stratton St Margaret Parish

(memorial photographs – maximum size permitted 7cm x 9cm)