Press Release: Reduction in Precept Increase

For the 2019/20 financial year, we are proud to report that Stratton St Margaret Parish Council has been able to reduce the increase in its Precept from 13 % in 2018/19 to just 3% for the 2019/20 financial year.  The Committees of the Council meet regularly and investigate all aspects of income and expenditure before agreeing their recommendation for the level of Precept.

The Precept is set at £1,369,964 on the tax base of 7,097 Band D households.  The charge of £193.03 per annum which represents an increase of £3.07 per household per annum, percentage of 0.16%

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council serves a population approaching 23,000 and the Electorate for the whole parish is currently 15,872. There are currently 9,388 properties in the Parish and 261 streets.

The Council has five warded areas served by 19 Parish Councillors and those that are elected receive a monthly allowance.  The Council takes very seriously its responsibilities as an employer and is committed to continued professional development for all its employees to ensure they are well equipped to undertake their job roles in a safe and happy environment. All job roles are evaluated to ensure a fair and systematic way of determining the value/worth of their job in relation to other jobs in the public sector.    The Council employs 70 members of staff full and part time who undertake a wide range of functions which include Democratic and Local Governance, Sport and Leisure, Burials and Allotments, Maintenance of Open Spaces, Provision of Football Pitches and Play Parks, Community Rooms and Services and a Public Library.

Each year the Council strives to improve its services at the same time offering value for money and seeking efficiency opportunities.  When new contracts are renegotiated a thorough review is undertaken to ensure value for money and a first class service is provided. As with all public bodies the Council is subject to an annual internal and external audit.