We have spoken with the drainage contractor this morning who has confirmed that:

  • The water is pumping out at 3 metres a second
  • It has presently reduced by 7 inches, which equates to around 75-80,000 litres
  • In response to the comments with regards to the small pipe used, the reason for the pump pipe size is to ensure we do not flood the road drains upon flowing the water away
  • During the course of this week the water will be completely pumped out
  • By this evening (18/12/19) the body of water will be at a reasonable level
  • The contractor will be visually checking the water line every day and will place markers, and if it becomes too high it will be immediately re pumped to a reasonable level

If you have any questions relating to the above please contact us via info@strattonstmargaret.gov.uk

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