Community Grant Funding

Bi-annually Stratton St Margaret Parish Council award grant funding to local community groups. 

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council supports local groups through its grants scheme. Eligibility criteria is below. If you would like to apply for a grant, please download the form and submit it to the Council. This can be done via post or email to

Please remember, grants are only considered in June and October every year. 

Grant Criteria

Applications should be received by the 31st of May for the June deadline and the 30th September for the October deadline.

Applications received outside of these dates will be submitted to the next round of grants to be considered.

Organisations will be considered for a Stratton St Margaret Parish Council grant aid where they meet the following criteria:

  1. The organisation is based, or has a local branch, in Stratton St Margaret.
  2. The work of the organisation directly benefits a number of residents of Stratton St Margaret.
  3. The organisation has a written constitution with clearly defined aims and objectives.
  4. The local organisation has a clear financial need. Account will be taken regarding how much money the organisation has, including any special reserves set aside for particular projects. Additionally, if the balance is high in relation to spending then an explanation will be required to justify the reasons why the organisation is still applying for a grant.
  5. The organisation has its own bank account with at least two authorised signatories.
  6. The organisation is non-party political and non-profit making. Individuals will not be funded.
  7. Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  8. Applications should be linked to a specific project but consideration will also be given to grant applications for revenue funding.
  9. Grant applications that require matching funding as evidence of local/community support to lever in additional grants from other funding sources will also be considered.
  10. Grant applications will be considered twice yearly at our Finance and General Purpose Committee Meeting in June and October.


Any Grant Aid awarded must be used for the purposes stated on the application only. If the organisation decides that it wishes to spend the monies on an alternative project it must ask the Stratton St Margaret Parish Council for written permission to do so.

Grants must not be used to settle debts on behalf of the organisation, nor be used to retrospectively fund projects.

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council reserves the right to recall any grant given to an organisation which ceases to operate during the financial year for which the grant has been given. The Council should be consulted prior to distribution of any remaining assets. Full details and accounts must be submitted to the Council as soon as possible.

Successful Organisations are requested to:

  1. Be prepared to participate in any publicity or awareness initiatives organised by the Council, please let us know if you would not like to.
  2. Be willing to attend a reception organised by Stratton St Margaret Parish Council to receive their cheque, please let us know if you would not like to.
  3. Provide evidence within the financial year that the grant has been used for the purpose stated in the application, and where possible provide Stratton St Margaret Parish Council with photograph(s) of the project funded.
  4. Acknowledge the grant aid together with other sources of funding in appropriate publicity and detailing how it was spent in its annual report and accounts, a copy of which should be sent to the Parish Council as soon as it has been published.

Grant Aid Application Form