It has been very different working from home, as this is the first time in 45 years I have done this.

I am getting up at the same time every morning and getting dressed to take my husband to work

Firstly, it was ‘this is OK a bit of a novelty’

I had tasks for the week to do which was a good thing as I like a bit of structure being used to working in an office.

I decided in the morning my tasks for the day, which sometimes went to plan and sometimes didn’t

After 2-3 weeks I was feeling quite isolated as my husband was at work, and I have no children who live at home.

I found it difficult not having human contact to ask work related questions and interacting with work colleagues, like what are you having for dinner tonight or what did you watch on TV last night, not the sort of thing you can put in an email when you are working from home! I had a couple of days where I was getting a bit stressed out and frustrated with myself, as I could have just asked someone in the office quickly if I had a query, or to check something for me, although I always have someone I could ask via email or phone    

Having weekly Zoom meetings helps, seeing each other, and catching up is nice and finding out what the team have been up to at work and play

Once the volunteers started coming forward I felt as if I was starting to enjoy the challenge. Then the vulnerable residents were ringing in and I enjoyed talking to them and telling them that I could put a volunteer in touch with them. I found it rewarding as knowing they are getting the help they needed in these strange times. I really enjoyed the conversation with some of the residents, sometimes they were telling me about their family, and how they miss them. I think some were glad of the conversation the same as me!

We now have established volunteers who me, Angela and Zoe have got to know quite well.

Doing a weekly ring around to library volunteers and vulnerable people makes me feel as if I am hopefully contributing to their wellbeing.

Overall I would say I prefer an office environment, as I am a people person, but working from home is certainly a new experience which I am now gradually getting used to (sometimes)!

Janet Garlick, Administrative Assistant, Stratton St Margaret Parish Council