Vacancies at Stratton St Margaret Parish Council, Swindon

Stratton St Margaret is looking good!

With effect from the 1 April 2017 the cutting of the grass on public open space within Stratton St Margaret is now the responsibility of the Parish Council. This is following an agreement that this responsibility is transferred from Swindon Borough Council (SBC) part of their devolution of StreetSmart service to Parish Councils across the Borough.

However local residents in Stratton St Margaret may have already seen their open spaces and grass verges looking better already.  This is because the Parish Council’s Open Spaces Management Team is already out and about cutting the grass.  Being a proactive Parish Council Stratton St Margaret, who is very proud of its open spaces, will endeavor to enhance the grass cutting programme being devolved from SBC and bring it in line with the Parish Council’s high standards.

Got an Open Spaces Query? 
From the 1 April the Parish Council has set up a dedicated telephone number and email address to prepare for the additional service enquiries. To raise a query about the grass cutting or any other open space concern please ring Stratton Open Spaces Management on 01793 833434, email or go online In the meantime if you have any comments, please contact Tracy Predeth, Clerk to the Council on 01793 823761.

Notes to Editors:
Stratton St Margaret Parish Council is now responsible for a vast range of services being devolved from Swindon Borough Council. These include:

Litter picking
Street cleaning
Graffiti removal
Emptying of dog and litter bins
Inspection, cleaning and repairs to Play Areas
Maintenance of public right of way, bridle ways and footpath network
Maintenance of sports pitches
Grass cutting
Shrubs, flower beds and hedge maintenance
Tree maintenance
Fly tipping/posting