Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning

Get involved in how your community will look in the future. Join the Neighbourhood Planning Working Party or submit your views

What is a Neighbourhood Area?
For Stratton St Margaret Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, the Parish Council needed to submit a proposed ‘Neighbourhood Area’ (The area in which the Neighbourhood Plan will cover) to the Borough Council. The proposed ‘Neighbourhood Area’ has been agreed by the Borough Council and named it the ‘Stratton St Margaret Neighbourhood Area’. Each designated Neighbourhood Area needs a local name to distinguish it from others.

Neighbourhood plans help local communities to have a say in the planning of their areas in the future. As part of our Neighbourhood Plan, we would like to hear your views about housing, transport, school holiday clubs and a possible recreational area for young adults. If you have any comments on any of these areas, please follow the links below to fill in a survey. If you would like to be further updated and involved in planning, please let us know. Thank you!

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