Council Policies

This section of the website contains the main policies of the Council. You can download the relevant documents from the table below:

Main Council Policies
Standing Orders Flag Hoisting Policy Financial Regulations Code of Conduct Scheme of Delegation  Publication Scheme  Committee Terms of Reference Tree MaintenanceCemetery Policy


Financial Policies
Reserves & Balances Treasury Management Virement Policy Credit Management Procurement Policy Investment Policy Late Payment and Bad Debt Policy Risk Management Strategy Anti Fraud & Corruption Policy Financial Regulations


Staff Handbook and Related Policies
Staff Handbook


Health & Safety Policies
Alcohol PolicyHealth & Safety Policy Statement Health & Safety Handbook Health & Safety Manual


Complaints Procedure
Complaints Procedure


Stratton St Margaret Parish Council is committed to providing a quality service for the benefit of the people who live or work in its area or are visitors to the locality. If you are dissatisfied with the standard of service you have received from this council or are unhappy about an action or lack of action by this council, this Complaints Procedure sets out how you may complain to the council and how we shall try to resolve your complaint


Wherever possible, the Clerk will try to resolve your complaint immediately. If this is not possible, the Clerk will normally try to acknowledge your complaint within five working days.

If you do not wish to report your complaint to the Clerk, you may make your complaint directly to the Chairman of the Council who will report your complaint to Personnel/Appeals Committee or to the Council (as appropriate).